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Better control over the third valve slide - instantly.

The third slide ring on a trumpet is designed to be one size fits all - or more accurately, to fit the largest possible hand size. Gapper® comfortably takes up the gap between your finger size and the size of the ring on your trumpet. This gives students and professionals alike more immediate control over the third valve slide.

Gapper® will help even beginners with intonation, control, and comfort. Advanced players and professionals will wonder how they ever played without it. Available in multiple sizes and designed to fit a variety of trumpets and trumpet models.


Video Library

In two minutes or less, videos giving you the knowledge you need!

How It Works

Here's a demo of the Gapper® and how it works.

Choosing the Right Size

Here's how to choose the right size Gapper®.  Remember we have a size guarantee!

Cleaning Your Slide

The third valve slide needs to move easily, and the way you need to clean it may surprise you!

Thumb Gapper®

A demo of our Thumb Gapper®, designed for the trumpet's thumb saddle.


Visit our online store to purchase a Gapper®! The Gapper® is also available at Thompson Music  (including for international orders), Milano MusicSenseney Music, Osmun Music, and Dillon MusicWatch for more music stores to be added soon!


About the Gapper® team.


David Hunsicker, inventor of the Gapper®, is currently the trumpet professor at Wichita State University and Principal Trumpet of the Wichita Symphony. A couple of decades ago he discovered the necessity of filling the gap to give him better control over the third valve slide. He is thrilled to have an elegant, easy, inexpensive solution to share with trumpet players and teachers. 


Product development assistance, legal support, and more from WSU Ventures and Wichita State University.


Feedback from trumpet players.

What People Are Saying

"Many of my students love using the Gapper® on all of their trumpets, even when they didn't think they were needed.  The Gappers® work especially well on the third slides of piccolo trumpets, reducing some of the binding issues."

"The Gapper® helps me feel more connected to my trumpet. It's like the difference between riding a bike with tennis shoes and bike shoes. It makes it that much easier to manipulate my horn and one less thing to think about.  

"Whether you are teaching beginners or are a seasoned professional, the Gapper® is an incredibly useful tool. This device is a pedagogical gem, preventing as well as correcting important balance issues for all stages of development.”

David Hickman

Regents Professor,

Arizona State University

Jesse Tubb

Trumpet, The US Army

Concert Band

Jean Morehead Libs

Trumpet Professor

Concordia University

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