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Sizing Information

Many customers are concerned with choosing the appropriate size Gapper®. We offer a size guarantee, so if you find your Gapper® is not the correct size, contact us at

Valve slide rings are not universal, so differences in brand and model of trumpet can have an impact. (For example, I use a different size on my Schilke than I do on my Bach instruments.) 

Generally speaking, if you have large hands, choose an XL or L Gapper®. If you have small hands, choose an XS or S Gapper®. Sizes correspond to ring size in roughly the following way:

Return Policy

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction! Every Gapper® is checked before mailed to a customer. However, should something get damaged during the shipping process, contact us and we will replace your Gapper®. 

We also offer a size guarantee. If the Gapper® you purchased is the wrong size, let us know by emailing or calling 316.260.5890.

XS - 5; S - 6; M - 7; ML - 8; L - 9; XL - 10

Find out how to determine your ring size here. The most common sizes are 6 for women and 9 for men. 

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