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2XS Gapper®

A 2XS Gapper® leaves a small space in the 3rd valve ring and is ideal for very young players with very small hands. It's width is .35 inches. 

2XS Gapper®

SKU: XS2008
  • The Gapper® is designed to take up the gap between your finger and the 3rd valve slide ring. The size Gapper® each player prefers depends on a variety of factors: brand of instrument, taper of finger, etc. However, most players find that, with Bach instruments, the size of Gapper® corresponds with ring size in roughly the following way: 3XS - 3; 2XS - 4; XS - 5; S - 6; M - 7; ML - 8; L - 9; XL - 10. We also offer a size guarantee. Check our return and refund policy below.

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